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"Excitement and surprises abound on this adventurous voyage fraught with many dangers. You will not be disappointed as many surprising twists and turns enthral the senses and stir the imagination. From the start, there is much intrigue and a puzzle to solve. Along the way, I found there were so many occasions where all I could do was take a deep breath and plunge further into the next dangerous situation. I was never disappointed. A most entertaining read fot the young at heart!"

-Susan Chippendale, Teacher  for 45 years and grandmother.

“...the reader is transported into an utterly engaging world in this fast paced rollicking adventure...”

– Norman Phillips, Palm Beach.

The Voyage Series Books

Voyage to the Bottom of the Bathtub



How can they solve the series of riddles and puzzles confronting them?  Will they unlock the clues painted into a Vincent van Gogh masterpiece?  What chance have they against a heartless killer, the leader of the smugglers, and the temptations of a clever conjurer with shifting identities—a maestro of the counterfeit?


Pursued from all sides, the two would-be sleuths unearth the disturbing truth about who they really are.  Can they outwit all their enemies and decipher the mystery of the merchant ship's resting place?  Will Erik heed the warning from the past?

MagicOfMandy2D COVR.jpg

Diving deep to save his father, Danny meets a mermaid, Mandy, who has chosen him as her secret friend. Mandy reminds him of a special someone from the past and he is filled with sadness.


Returning to the surface, Danny is involved in an accident and spends the following years searching for his lost friend and staring forlornly at the sea.


Will he ever find his father? Can the magic of Mandy make things the way they once were, or will time run out for Danny?


Join Danny as he learns to value living things beyond their outward appearance.


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