“Voyage to the Bottom of the Bathtub’ by Peter Boey is a story that keeps you guessing right from the start and as the story draws on it becomes sitting on the edge of your chair stuff.  Teenage brother Erik and his sister Snoepke, after a move with their parents to the seaside soon become involved in an exciting yet extremely dangerous adventure, with old lava tunnels, trapdoors, underwater bathtub, and much more.  With family secrets to be uncovered they very quickly, with new acquaintance Tommy, find themselves continually running into trouble with talk of illegal treasure hunters, smugglers and a kidnapped girl.  Baffling riddles and clues to help or hinder them.  Sunken Dutch ships of the 17th century with their VOC (in English – Dutch East India Company) connections makes this a story well worth

the read and I shall be looking forward to the

next book in the series – well done Peter.”

– Henny Crijns-Coenen

Secretary/Editor, VOC Historical Society Incorporated.


“Erik and Stephanie are a brother and sister team, living in an outback town, dreaming of a better life. When their parents make a decision to live back on the Coast - prompted by the moves of a mysterious benefactor - their lives are propelled into a new and mysterious realm.  The readers  follow them on a quest to find out more about their father and to discover the treasure from a centuries-old sunken Dutch ship, all the while breaching secret tunnels, concealed cellars, and uncovering an art-forgery scam. The tension is ramped up when the readers learn that the protagonists' foes, money-hungry villains, will stop at nothing to snare the treasure.

Peter Boey's first book is well written and goes at a cracking pace.  I was taken by his dynamic prose and this story.”

—Alison Quigley, Secretary, Sunshine Coast Literary Association.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Bathtub

Print ISBN: 9781925680447

“This up and coming Australian writer has qualifications beyond the keyboard.”– Steve Morgan, Editor, “The Island Breeze.”

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