Diving—Lady Elliot Island

Thumbing through my dive logbooks, I was struck by how many amazing adventures I’ve had under the waves. Check this one out from Lady Elliot Island, diving on the wreck of the “Severance” near Second Reef, off the island’s west side:

With a perfect blue sky and unlimited visibility, we floated down to the wreck. It was like out of a childhood dream. The water cushioned our landing as we discovered a leopard shark resting beside the ship. Humphrey and Anna ‘patted’ the shark. What do they say about "let sleeping dogs lie”? The shark lifted off the seabed, spiraling around us, showing off its funny teeth before disappearing. Just my luck to miss out. We swam up, over the top of the ship. Looking down into the open hold we came face to face with giant moray eel.

Manta rays and a green turtle swam around us. I stood on the bow of the ship and did a ‘king of the world’ from the movie ‘Titanic’,

while a school of massive sweetlips sheltered under the ship’s structure. We left to visit a cleaning station, a hole in the coral where busy shrimps performed their task on our hands. Spotted protruding through the sandy bottom we saw two dorsal fins. While trying to figure out what it was, the owner exploded out of the sand—a shovel nosed ray.

Then, with Humphrey in front and Anna behind, we headed for Second Reef, except when I turned to check on her, she was gone! I turned around several times, staring into the distance and at the surface, 20 metres above. Anna had silently disappeared...! (Stay tuned to find out what happened). #PeterBoeyDivingAdventures #LadyElliotIsland #ScubaDiving

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