As a Child did you ever Wonder?

As a child did you ever wonder, playing by the waterside, what lay below the surface? Or running through the forest, what was waiting beyond the bushes? Your imagination spiralled out of control; your senses tuned to the twilight. And you were swept along on an adventure that wouldn't let up, where you couldn't stop running because the thrill of the chase was too much. Never ending action!

Now, you're reading the story of a boy and his sister on such a journey, where there's time to laugh and to cry, time to uncover the past and discover why your life has been a lie. Can there be any hope for the future? Only if Erik and his sister Stephanie don't stop running, and you, tucked in bed late at night, can't stop reading, in case you miss a clue along the way, or become lost in a labyrinth of mystery, fantasy and illusion.

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