Diving—Lady Elliot Island—Part II

Becoming increasingly disturbed at not finding Anna, I tried to get hold of Humphrey, who was swimming out in front. No luck there either. He was going too fast. How was I going to get his attention? Again I tried and failed; so once more I looked for Anna. Humphrey was now even further away. Somehow I really did need to get hold of him if Anna was to have any hope. Somehow, with a wild swing, I managed to clip the ends of his fins. He turned in surprise and stared questionin

Diving—Lady Elliot Island

Thumbing through my dive logbooks, I was struck by how many amazing adventures I’ve had under the waves. Check this one out from Lady Elliot Island, diving on the wreck of the “Severance” near Second Reef, off the island’s west side: With a perfect blue sky and unlimited visibility, we floated down to the wreck. It was like out of a childhood dream. The water cushioned our landing as we discovered a leopard shark resting beside the ship. Humphrey and Anna ‘patted’ the shark.


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